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Sleeping Giant -

Baby Beach, opposite Mahina's Guest House -

Nawiliwili Harbour -

Sunrise opposite Mahina's Guest House -

Monk Seal sunbathing on Baby Beach -

White blossoms -

Boat trip up the Wailua River -

Pink hibiscus at Haena -



Map of Kaua'i

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Hawaiian huna


 Welcome to ALOHA KAUA'I


Celebrating memories of the island and its people


My favourite memory...  Sunrise at Lydgate Park 

"The entire journey is sacred...every experience has been meant for our instruction, for the unfoldment of sacred self, and for the celebration of who we truly are."

~ Neale Donald Walsch




Hanalei -

Spouting Horn, Poipu -

The Kalalau Valley -

Plumeria blossoms in the garden at Mahina's Guest House -

Opaeka'a Falls-

Windsurfers off Baby Beach -

Kaua'i rainbow -

The Wailua River mouth -

A lei of bougainvillea blossoms, from Hanapepe -



Some of Kauai's beaches

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Travel 'blog' - "Two weeks in Kaua'i" and links to various tours

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KKCR - Kauai's local community radio


Beautiful jewellery, amazing crystals (visit the Crystal Room!), stunning artwork and gifts - visit Life's Treasures in Lihue

Vegan World Fusion Cuisine - wonderful award-winning vegetaran cuisine - visit Blossoming Lotus at their new restaurant in the Dragon Building in downtown Kapa'a

My Kaua'i 'ohana' - Me ke aloha.  A  hui hou.

All photographs copyright  Ruth Wilson


In 2003, I chose to come to Kaua'i.  I had only planned to stay there for a little while, because I intended to go back to the mainland and travel around the US for several months...but the island had other ideas!  I was welcomed into a wonderful, spiritual community and have made so many amazing, love-filled, enriching friendships that it was very hard for me to leave when the time came to return to Scotland.  The beauty of the island has crept into my heart and I feel that I belong there in a way I never did in my native Scotland. 

The following quotation is so true:

"There is only one journey.  Going inside yourself."

~ Rainer Maria Rilke

My journey to Kaua'i, and my time there, has been part of my spiritual journey.  I challenged myself in so many ways, and learned so much about myself, during my time on the island and it has truly changed my life.  I look forward to returning to Kaua'i again!

Ruth  (ruth@alohakauai.net)


'Morning stroll' on the beach in front of Mahina's Guest House in the east coast town of Kapa'a, on the Hawaiian island of Kaua'i - the 'Garden Isle'  (my 'home' while on the island)

"Life is not a process of discovery, as in 'Let's see what happens'.  Life is a process of creation, as in 'Let's choose what happens'."

~ Neale Donald Walsch